Chevroches, Canal du Nivernais

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Back to Base

Here we are once more; the end of summer. Time to tie up, clean up, pack up, pay up and say goodbye to l'Avenir for 2014. I've made my phone call to order the taxi for tomorrow which hopefully will turn up without any misunderstanding. If nothing else I have gained confidence this year in calling people on the phone and the VHF radio. The past couple of weeks have been everything that cruising should be. Having rushed south from the Somme we found we had more time than we expected at the end enabling us to have a very leisurely trip down the canal de Briare. The weather over the past couple of weeks has been perfect;often a misty start but clearing to sunny, warm days. It is most definitely autumn now - the leaves are beginning to fall and as we waited for locks we collected walnuts and hazelnuts to add to our breakfast muesli.
Canal de Briare


Geese 'having a gander' as we go through a lock

Baguette for breakfast (a coypu)
The cruising season is drawing to a close but there are still a few boats around on this waterway including four large (and expensive) hotel boats. If you have a spare 34000 dollars you could charter one for a week or alternatively pay 1000 dollars a day for a cabin. The food's most certainly more elaborate than we serve though as they all carry professional chefs.

Rogny les Sept Ecluses

We are leaving l'Avenir a couple of weeks earlier than originally planned in order to pay a visit to Scotland. The referendum may be over but the smirks and 'purrs' may be somewhat premature. Interesting times.
Packing up the boat at Chatillon