Chevroches, Canal du Nivernais

Friday, 30 May 2014

Bienvenue to 2014

Lavoir  (wash house) -Chatillon

This spring morning I woke very early (jetlag) and went out to buy a baguette for breakfast. The sun was beginning to clear the mist over the canal and as I walked the air was full of birdsong although the birds themsevles remained hidden in the lush trees and shrubs. It was as if the trees themselves were singing. There weren't many people about but each of those I did meet nodded and said, 'Bonjour Madame.' As it was such a lovely morning I kept walking, past the baker's and on into town where the weekly market was just setting up. Each of the stallholder's bid me good morning and I spent 10 minutes chatting with one lady who was most excited to hear I was from Australia. Did I know that an Australian family lived in town with their young children? Just around the corner in fact. If it hadn't been quite so early I think she may have rushed me there and introduced me. After buying some strawberries from the veg stall I stopped at an untended stall filled with dozens of amazing cheeses. A couple of minutes later a man burst out of the cafe behind me mouth still full of his breakfast and apologising profusely for making me wait. So, I just had to buy a piece of Comte and some Brie. It's late afternoon now. The trees are putting on a pretty good evensong and we are sitting on deck with a bottle of wine, those strawberries and the delicious cheese. Getting here was torture (more on that when I feel up to it) but it was worth it.

Thank you if you are a returning reader. We hope you'll continue to follow our trip this year.

Website for Meanderer -a very nice hotel boat came into port today. If you are feeling flush this might be the way to go. About 5700 for 6 days. The food is definitely better than what's on offer on l'Avenir.


Say what you will about nuclear power stations - they do provide rather nice sunsets.